Saturday, 28 March 2009

My gosh. I've only just stumbled upon my last posts, and well....... PLEASE ignore them. They are truly cringe-worthy and I take absolutely no responsibility for writing them, i was obviously delusional.

Moving on.....

At the moment I'm sitting at home, on the sofa pondering the wonderment that is my pitifully tragic life, after dislocating my shoulder and fracturing my shoulder bone....unfortunate or what?!

It was my own fault though, as usual i got bored and attempted to amuse myself and my friends, and ended up injured. However, this time is actually quite bad, and resulted in 5 hours of x-rays and being tugged around by Queens hospital's resident Dr Jekyll....wasn't too impressed, but it got the job done.

I must be going now, things to do, tea to make etc.... although the most random things like typing, and making sandwiches are like brain surgery blind-folded now.... anyway, must be off.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

It's been a long time since I posted my first post, probably because I forgot about this whole blog thing, but my Brother is obsessed with it. My mum says that I am obsessed with Mcfly. She is right. All I need now is a wall full of Mcfly posters. Once I went to see Busted in concert at Ipswich. I know, sad isn't it? Anyway, Mcfly were one of the opening acts and they played for about 10 minutes. They were very very very good, shamefully, I think better then Busted themselves who I had gone to see. I think that was where my craze started. I used to have this massive Busted poster because I a complete Busted fanatic (I was young and going through a faze, a BIG one). I think that Dougie Poynter is the best looking out of Mcfly. I used to think Danny was, but then I saw the Transylvania video and realized he was too pretty to be a boy and that he looked better as a girl. But it is a close call between Harry and Dougie for me.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

About me

This is the first kind of blog that I've done so I don't really know what kind of thing to say. Well, my name is Hannah Borrett and I live in Romford. It is really good in Romford and I like it but I don't know how much longer there is until I have to move again. I've lived in a few places in my lifetime, which is not very long. I was born in Oldham, moved to Norwich, moved to London then moved here, to Romford. I don't know which is my favourite place because in all of the locations I have good memories and would love to go back there. I don't remembe much about Oldham beause I was just young when our family left. Norwich was great because it was a really good place for a young child to grow up. It was all really friendly. I loved London because we lived in the William Booth Training College, and there was a load of other kids there too. So there was never a dull moment, always something going on. Finally, Romford is fantastic but I don't know when to settle because I don't know when I'm going to be moving again.
That's about it.